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English for Banking. Учебное пособие. Самуэльян Н. 2002

English for Banking. Учебное пособие. Самуэльян Н. 2002

Название: English for Banking. Учебное пособие.

Автор: Самуэльян Н.

  Предлагаемое пособие знакомит читателя со специальной английской банковской лексикой и терминологией и расширяет знания в области банковского дела и финансовых отношений.
Пособие предназначено для работников банков, студентов финансовых ВУЗов и курсов, бухгалтеров, а также широкого круга лиц, интересующихся данной тематикой.

  Demonstrate the meaning of the following expressions in sentences of your own:
1.to reconcile a statement with one's own records
2.to have a joint account
3.to have an overdraft
4.to cover an outstanding cheque
5.to send your banker a standing order
6.to make a withdrawal
7.to calculate interest on
8.to pay interest

Part One

Unit One
The Structure and Functions ol'a Bank 4
Unit Two
Currency and Other Forms of Exchange 14
Unit Three
Depositing Money with a Bank  23
Unit Four
Applications for Loans 35
Unit Five
Bank Investments 48
Unit Six
Types of Banking Institutions  56
Unit Seven
Other Services for Cheque Account Customers 67
Unit Eight
Interbank Relations 81
Unit Nine
Foreign Exchange 92
Unit Ten
Banks and fhe Foreign Exchange Market  101
Unit Eleven
The Global Money Market  108
Unit Twelve
Covering Clients in an Exchange Contract  115
Unit Thirteen
Stock Exchange  122
Unit Fourteen
Commodity Exchange  130
Unit Fifteen
The Clouds Clear over Poor-Country Debt  133
Unit Sixteen
Investment Risk: the New Dimension of Policy  142
Part Two
Unit One
Methods of Payment 152
Unit Two
Bill of Exchange (B/E) 157
Unit Three
Documentary Letter of Credit  165
Unit Four
Remi I ting the Money 170
Unit Five
Short-term Export Finance 174
Part I
Unit Six
Short-term Export Finance 182
Part II
Unit Seven
Medium Term Export Finance 189
Part I
Unit Eight
Medium Term Export Finance 197
Part II
Unit Nine
Foreign Currency for Exports  204
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Приложение 2.
Приложение 3.

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