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New Headway - Elementary - Teacher s Resource Book - Matt Castle, Liz and John Soars

New Headway - Elementary - Teacher s Resource Book - Matt Castle, Liz and John Soars

Название: New Headway - Elementary - Teacher's Resource Book.

Автор: Matt Castle, Liz and John Soars.


  This Teachers Resource Book contains thirry-seven photocopiable activities and further ideas for you to use with New Headway Elementary. It is a completely new component for the Headway series and has been  written with two aims in mind:
-  to give teachers additional material that revises
and extends the work in the Student's Book   
-  to give students lots of extra speaking practice!

Students at elementary level need lots of vocabulary and grammar input. Controlled skills work is also important to develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking. But at the same time, it is also essential that they are given opportunities to 'get active' and actually use their English in meaningful and relevant contexts.
The activities in this book are designed to help your students do this. They encourage students to talk about themselves, compare opinions and views about the world, and practise the kind of situations they are likely to encounter in real life.

In addition, every activity involves an element of team work. Students will need to work together to share or check information, and agree outcomes or solutions. In other words, every activity encourages purposeful interaction where students need to speak and listen to each other.
Through role-plays, language games, questionnaires, crosswords, and information-gap activities, students are also given the chance to build their confidence and introduce a more personal dimension to their learning.

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