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New Headway - Pre-Intermediate - New parallel tests - John and Liz Soars

New Headway - Pre-Intermediate - New parallel tests - John and Liz Soars

Название: New Headway - Pre-Intermediate - New parallel tests

Автор: John and Liz Soars.


This booklet contains:
14 Unit Tests which revise the corresponding unit in New Headway
Pre-Intermediate Student’s Book. There are two versions (A and B)
of each test. They cover the same material, but have been reorganized
to allow easier administration of the tests in the classroom. Each test
has a total score of 100.
A Review Test (Units 1-7) and an Exit Test (Units 1-14), each with a
total score of 100.
An optional listening test at the back of the booklet for each unit, using
original recordings.
An Answer Key for all the exercises.
Tapescripts for all the listening exercises.

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