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New Headway - Pre-Intermediate - Teacher s Book - Soars J., Soars L.

New Headway - Pre-Intermediate - Teacher s Book - Soars J., Soars L.

Название: New Headway - Pre-Intermediate - Teacher's Book.

Автор: Soars J., Soars L.


  The basic Headway methodology is the same. Proven traditional approaches are used alongside those which have been developed and researched more recently.
The grammatical syllabus is largely unchanged because the requirements of lower level students are usually more predictable than at later levels.
There is a great variety of practice activities. Some of these have been amended rather than replaced. Nevertheless there are still many new ones.
Vocabulary is not only integrated throughout but also developed in its own section.
Skills work is integrated and balanced. It all comes from authentic sources but has been simplified and adapted to suit the level.
There is an Everyday English section.

What's in the Teacher's Book?
-Full leaching notes, answer, and possible problems
-Don't forget! section which refers to relevant exercises in the Workbook, the video, and to the Word list.
-Typescripts in the main body of the teaihing notes
-Word list
There is a list of words that appear unit by unit in New Headway Pre-Intermediate. Photocopy the Word list for each unit as you go through the book and give a copy to each of your students. It is probably best given towards the end of each unit as an aid to revision. Encourage students to write in the translation if they feel it is necessary Most of the new words are here, but if we feel a word isn't very useful or very common, we luive omitted it. Some very useful words are repeated if ihey appear in a later unit; it is a good idea to revise them.
-Extra ideas and songs section with notes on how to use them for use after Units 1-4.5-8.9-12. and 13-14. You will find the songs on the recording at the end of each section, i e. at the end of Units 4, R. 12. and 14.
-Stop and check tests
There are four Stop and check revision tests which cover Units 1 -4.5-8.9-12. and I >-l4. These can either be set in da», or given for homework (preferably over a weekend) and then discussed in the пел lesson. Students can work in small groups to try to agree on the correct answer, then you can go over it with the whole class, reminding students of the language items covered. It is important that, in the translation sentences which come at the end of each Stop and check test, students translate the ideas and concepts, and not word by word.
-Progress tests
There are three Progress tests which cover Units 1-5. 6-10. and 11-14.

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