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Situational Dialogues - Michael Ockenden

Situational Dialogues - Michael Ockenden

Название: Situational Dialogues.

Автор: Michael Ockenden.


Книга о том, что можно, и чего нельзя говорить в различных (сорока четырёх!) повседневных ситуациях. Предназначена для уровней Intermediate и выше. Каждая ситуация представлена четырьмя последовательными диалогами. Большое внимание уделяется также интонации. Упражнения на закрепление, ответы в конце книги.

This situation ally-graded book is intended for intermediate and advanced students wishing to learn and practice the type of informal conversational English in current, everyday use. Forty-four situations are presented, each in the form of four short dialogues. The aim of the student should be to memories as many as possible of the expressions and phrases contained in the dialogues, since they are used by English people time and time again in the given situations.

1 Asking the Way page 2
2 On a Bus page 4
3 Taking a Taxi page 6
4 At a Railway Station page 8
5 The London Underground page 10
6 Booking Airline Tickets page 12
7 Hiring a Car page 14
8 At a Garage page 16
Food and Drink
9 At Lunch page 18
10 Tea-time page 20
11 With a Friend in a Coffee Bar page 22
12 In a Restaurant page 24
13 In a Pub page 26
14 Offering Cigarettes page 28
In Town
15 At a Hotel page 30
16 Finding a Room page 32
17 Making an Appointment page 34
18 Finding a Job page 36
19 At a Bank page 38
20 At а Barber's Shop page 40
21 Shopping page 42
22 At a Theatre page 44
23 Police Registration page 46
24 Asking for Change page 48
25 Telephoning (1) page 50
26 Telephoning (2) page 52
27 In а Post Office page 54
28 Asking about Health page 56
29 At a Doctor's Surgery page 58
30 At a Chemist's Shop page 60
31 Meeting People after a Long Time page 62
32 Introductions and Opening Conversation Gambits page 64
33 Christmas, New Year and Easter Greetings page 66
34 Saying Good-bye page 68
At Home
35 Television page 70
36 Thanks for Hospitality page 72
37 Asking People to Repeat and Offering Lifts in a Car page 74
38 Asking Favours page 76
39 Complaining page 78
40 Apologising page 80
41 What Shall We Do This Evening page 82
42 What Shall We Do This Evening page 84
43 Complimenting People on Clothes page 86
44 The Weather page 88

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