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Tips for IELTS - Sam McCarter

Tips for IELTS - Sam McCarter

Название: Tips for IELTS.

Автор: Sam McCarter.


  Description: Tips for IELTS is packed with all the information you need to know about the four skills tested in the IELTS exam: hints on how to tackle specific types of questions; strategies on how to increase your speed and accuracy; what common mistakes to avoid; and useful language to be aware of and to use. There are also tips on how to make the best use of the book and how to test yourself as you prepare for the exam.
  This is the sort of book you will want to carry with you and use for quick reference for revising and checking what you know. A must-have for all IELTS exam candidates!
  Teachers will find it useful as a tool to develop strategies for increasing speed and accuracy and for discussing exam techniques.

The questions test general understanding [G] and specific detail [S]:
-  Matching headings [G]
-  Multiple-choice questions [G and S]
-  Summary/flow-chart/table completion [G and S]
-  Classification [G and S]
Matching sentences from a suitable list [G and S]
-  Answering Yes, No, Not Given [G and S]
-  Answering True, False, Not Given [G and S]
-  Matching stems to sentences endings 15]
-  Sentence completion [S]
-  Short answer questions IS]

Reading summary - page 5
Golden rules - page 5
Techniques to increase your speed - page 6
Skimming - page 7
Scanning - page 9
Matching headings to paragraphs - page 12
Matching sentences/phrases to paragraphs - page 14
Completing summaries with and without a wordlist - page 14
Answering multiple-choice questions - page 15
Completing sentences - page 17
Completing tables, flowcharts and diagrams - page 18
Matching names/dates to ideas - page 18
Matching stems to sentences - page 19
Matching questions to sentences - page 19
Answering True, False, Not Given questions - page 19
Answering Yes, No, Not Given questions - page 21
Writing summary - page 22
Task 1 Golden rules - page 23
Graphs - page 24
How to compare and contrast - page 26
Bar charts - page 27
Pie charts - page 28
Tables - page 29
Processes - page 29
Tenses and voice - page 30
Maps - page 30
Task 2 Golden rules - page 32
How to write the introduction - page 34
How to write a paragraph - page 34
How to organize a paragraph - page 35
How to speed up your writing and make it more flexible - page 36
Common mini sequences of functions - page 36
How to express your opinion - page 38
How to link your sentences - page 38
Listening summary - page 42
Golden rules - page 42 Develop your skills - page 43 Types of questions - page 46
Speaking summary - page 53
Golden rules - page 53
Part 1: Introduction and interview - page 54
Part 2: Individual long turn - page 55
Part 3: Two-way discussion - page 59
Developing ideas - page 60
Breathing - page 61
Tips for IELTS Skills Checklists - page 62-64

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