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Разговорные английские идиомы, Сытель В.В., 1971

Разговорные английские идиомы, Сытель В.В., 1971

Разговорные английские идиомы, Сытель В.В., 1971.

to play (toy) with the idea — to give it some consideration but to be undecided whether to adopt it; to allow the mind to think about (but not in a serious way) I'm toying with the idea of spending next winter on a lecture tour overseas. (W. B.) He played with the idea of calling the man, as if his voice could have some mystic significance. (M. W.)

To take it upon oneself means undertaking something abitrarily, i. e. without proper authorisation. He strikes me as taking a bit too much on himself. (W. B.) Look here, Charles. I take all responsibility on myself. (A. Chr.)

To call it a day may be similarly used with the meaning to consider that particular period of work finished. "You must have had something in mind?" said De Witt. "You didn't think you'd close shop and call it a day?" (S. H.)

to put one's back into something — to work very hard at it "That's why I'd rather else tackled her... Firstly, " he smiled ruefully, "I shall be accused of not putting my back into the job, and secondly — well — she's a friend - you understand?" (A. Chr.)

to have one's work cut out (for one) — to have as much work as one can do; to have a difficult task It's a big job, he'll have his work cut out for him. (A. H.) I expect to have my work cut out for me. I shall act and I shall act promptly. (S. M.) "Huph!" said Soames. "Commisions! You'll have your work cut out, if you begin that sort of thing!" (J. G.)


1. Difficulties and Trouble.
2. Fear and Cowardice
3. Firmness and Control
4. Ignorance, Incomprehension and Misunderstanding
5. Irritation and Annoyance
6. Knowledge and Understanding
7. Mistakes and Failures
8. Perplexity, Indecision and Confusion
9. Plainness and Easiness
10. Progress, Achievement, Success
11. Ruin and Waste
12. Scolding, Blame and Complaints
13. Secrets
14. Suspicion, Deception, Disbelief
15. Tastes, Preferences, Inclinations
16. Talk and Discussion
17. Time and Opportunity
18. Work and Business
19. Responsibility
20. Thoughts, Conclusions and Decisions
List of Books and Abbreviations Used