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The Windows 2000 Device Driver Book, A Guide for Programmers, Second Edition, Art Baker, Jerry Lozano, 2000

The Windows 2000 Device Driver Book, A Guide for Programmers, Second Edition, Art Baker, Jerry Lozano, 2000

The Windows 2000 Device Driver Book, A Guide for Programmers, Second Edition, Art Baker, Jerry Lozano, 2000.
  Drivers are the most fundamental and technically difficult part of operating system development. As a reader of this book, you are probably well aware of the complexities involved. Even for the most seasoned software engineer the task can be daunting. Writing device drivers under Windows 2000 is a big challenge to learn. The most comprehensive, authoritative guide to Windows NT driver development, The Windows NT Device Driver Book by Art Baker is now a classic. I can not think of anyone better qualified to write the second edition of Art's outstanding book than Jerry Lozano. Jerry combines the qualities of strong technologist, excellent writer, and gifted educator. These qualities have translated into book form very well. Reading this book I felt I was taking one of Jerry's classes.

Kinds of Drivers in Windows 2000.
There once was a time when a device driver author could understand the intricacies of the new hardware, learn the OS device driver interface, scope the work, and "just write the code." For better or worse, the days of monolithic device driver code have passed. Today, an author must understand the architectures of both complex hardware buses and heavily layered I/O subsystems just to scope the work statement. Deciding what kind of driver to write for Windows 2000 is itself an interesting challenge. Deciding whether to implement or to reuse a layer is yet another challenge. The purpose of this section is to describe where different kinds of drivers fit within the hardware world and the OS.

At the highest level, Windows 2000 supports two kinds of drivers, user-mode and kernel-mode. User-mode drivers, as the name implies, is system-level code running in user mode. Examples include a simulated, or virtualized, driver for imaginary hardware or perhaps a new environmental subsystem. Since Windows 2000 user mode does not allow direct access to hardware, a virtualized driver necessarily relies upon real driver code running in kernel mode. This book does not describe user-mode drivers. The purpose of this book is to describe real drivers, which in Windows 2000 are known as kernel-mode drivers.

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