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Hot Topics, Instructors Manual for Books 1-2-3, Cheryl Pavlik, Chase R.T.

Hot Topics, Instructors Manual for Books 1-2-3, Cheryl Pavlik, Chase R.T.

Hot Topics, Instructors Manual for Books 1-2-3, Cheryl Pavlik, Chase R.T.

  Hot Topics is guaranteed to engage readers, stimulate thinking, and provoke conversation while developing vocabulary and reading skills. The controversial topics explored in the text all have more than one side to them, thus encouraging debate and classroom interaction.

Analyze (Page 16)
1. Similar: Violent riots; cars were burned; destructive; both following sporting events
Different: People injured in Russia; people not injured in Columbus. People died in Russia; no one died in Columbus. Russian riot due to loss; Ohio students celebrating a win.
2. Russians think showing the match on an outdoor screen caused the riot.
3. Similar: Both are international competitions. Different: Olympic fans are different from soccer fans: Riots and fights never happen at the Olympics, while they are common at soccer matches.
4. Yes; in their song they mention throwing botdes and their song is threatening.

Read It (Page 7)
1. a. People watch the programs to be part of the in crowd.
b. Some people think that only people who are unintelligent watch reality television.
2. People who watch reality television were more competitive than people who don't watch it; People who enjoy reality television generally agreed with statements such as, “Prestige is important to me." and “I am impressed with designer clothes.”

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