Русский язык
Английский язык, Разговорные формулы, диалоги, тексты, Осечкин В.В., 2008

Английский язык, Разговорные формулы, диалоги, тексты, Осечкин В.В., 2008

Английский язык, Разговорные формулы, диалоги, тексты, Осечкин В.В., 2008.

  Пособие призвано помочь понять структуру разговорных формул и специфику их употребления. Работая шаг за шагом над разговорными формулами и, особенно, идущими вслед за ними диалогами, все глубже вникая во фразеологические конструкции, студент значительно обогащает свою лексику. Основная цель пособия — обеспечить более глубокое овладение формулами и их практическое использование в беседах с англоязычными собеседниками.
Учебное пособие предназначено студентам младших курсов филологических факультетов, обучающихся по специальности «английская филология», учащимся старших классов специализированных школ с углубленным изучением языка, а также всем, кто хочет свободно владеть английским языком.

A stolen umbrella.
Sally had been studying at an art college for a year and, like most students, she did not have much money. It was going to be her mother’s birthday soon, and she wondered what she could buy her as a present that would be nice and useful but not too expensive.

Sally’s college was in London, but she had been living in the country for many years, so every day she had an hour’s journey by train in the morning and the same in the evening.

At lunch time one day, a week before her mother’s birthday, she decided to have a quick sandwich and a cup of coffee instead of her usual meal in the college hall, and then go shopping near her college to try to find her mother a nice present. When she had been looking for half an hour, she came across a shop that was selling umbrellas cheap, and decided that one of those would solve her problem, since her mother had lost hers the month before.

Unit 1. Asking the Way
Unit 2. On a bus
Unit 3. Taking a Taxi
Unit 4. Travelling by Train
Unit 5. The London Underground
Unit 6. Travelling by Air
Unit 7. Cars, Driving, Motorways
Unit 8. More about Cars
Unit 9. At a Hotel
Unit 10. At Lunch
Unit 11. Tea-time
Unit 12. With a Friend in a Coffee Bar
Unit 13. In a pub
Unit 14. In a Restaurant
Unit 15. Looking for a Room
Unit 16. Making an Appointment
Unit 17. Finding a Job
Unit 18. Bank and Money
Unit 19. At a Barber’s Shop
Unit 20. Shopping
Unit 21. Free Time
Unit 22. Telephoning
Unit 23. In a Post Office
Unit 24. Police and Crimes
Unit 25. Health and Sports
Unit 26. Mass Media
Unit 27. At a Chemist’s Shop
Unit 28. Complaining
Unit 29. The Weather
Unit 30. Saying Goodbye