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Презентация - William Shakespeare

Презентация - William Shakespeare

Презентация - William Shakespeare

Презентация составлена на английском языке

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Предложения интернет-магазинов

Shakepeare's Verse

  Издательство: Kingfisher, 2005 г.

Цена: 456 руб.   Купить

Here is the perfect introduction to the work of William Shakespeare for older children. Extracts from his plays, as well as his poetry, are helpfully arranged by themes such as love, mystery, nature and justice. Quotations are used in decorative headings to highlight the content of each spread. Exquisite full-colour illustrations ensure this is a collection that can be referred to with ease and enjoyment and is perfect for dipping into time and again. Deluxe presentation, including linen half-binding and gold blocking, make this beautiful volume a perfect gift for older children and Shakespeare enthusiasts of all ages.

Great Britain Colouring Book

Автор(ы): Reid Struan   Издательство: Usborne, 2013 г.

Цена: 459 руб.   Купить

From the birthplace of Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon to the breathtaking scenery of the Lake District, this beautiful colouring book will take you on a tour of some of the most interesting and scenic parts of Great Britain. With charming line drawings of Britain s great landmarks and views, this colouring book will provide hours of activity for young and old alike - a brilliant activity to share together.

Find It. London

  Издательство: Dorling Kindersley, 2013 г.

Цена: 860 руб.   Купить

For young travellers, this is the perfect introduction to the amazing city of London. Discover over 50 of the city's best-known sights, from the London Eye to London Zoo and from Buckingham Palace to Shakespeare's Globe. Use the feature pages to learn more about British food, what you'll see along the river and how Londoners get around. Find the matching sticker for every sight you see. It's time to get spotting! Spot London's Top Sights.

Французская азбука в картинках

Автор(ы): Иванченко А. И.   Издательство: Каро, 2009 г.  Серия: Для детей

Цена: 291 руб.   Купить

Предлагаемое вниманию педагогов и родителей учебное пособие рассчитано на детей самого младшего школьного и дошкольного возраста. Цель книги заключается в обучении детей французской азбуке и элементарным правилам чтения. Восприятию и усвоению материала способствует большое количество иллюстраций: образная презентация букв, рисунки для семантизации лексики.


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