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Business English. Part II. Business Letter Writing. Данилова Е.А. 2001

Business English. Part II. Business Letter Writing. Данилова Е.А. 2001

Название: Business English. Part II. Business Letter Writing.

Автор: Данилова Е.А.

   Communication is a critical part in any sphere of a human activity. But first of all it is important to business. Businesses want and need people with good communication skills.  All too often they do not get them, however, because most employees in the country, even university trained, do not communicate well.
The communication success of employees and the significance of communication explain why students need work in order to improve their communication skills, especially business letter writing.

   Communication takes three main forms: oral, written and computer. Major part of the information consists of different forms of written communication – business letters, memorandums (MEMO) and reports. Written communication offers a major advantage of providing documentation and allows receivers to review information several times before responding.
Writing is considered a critical success factor by many successful leaders. Direct, clear and relevant writing can make the difference between a god and stagnant career. Anyway, writing should be direct, brief, well organized and easy to understand.
Good writing is “you-centered”, not “I-centered”. Rather than thinking about demonstrating what you know, you should think about what your potential reader need to know or can gain from reading your writing. Good writing also involves knowing when to rewrite and when to stop. Usually, the reader can tell when a letter is dictated and when a letter is actually written and then edited.
The ability of clear writing begins with the so-called “adaptation”. Adaptation is fitting the message to concrete person or to a specific reader. Usually, readers do not have the same knowledge of a subject, the same vocabulary, the same education, or the same mentality, etc. One should form his message to fit a person’s mind.
Selecting the right words, use of active voice, non-sexy words, and neutral expressions is a part of the process, we call “adaptation”. Right words are the words that communicate best – that have correct and clear meanings in the reader’s mind.  Selecting the right words depends on your ability to use the language, knowledge of the reader, and your good judgement. Clear writing involves using a simpler sentence structure to reach people with lower communication skills.
As you move along, you should view these basics as work tool in communication.

The Contents

1. Business Letter Writing
2. Enquiries and Replies to Enquires
3. Orders and Execution of Orders
4. Packing and Despatch
5. Invoicing, Accounting and Settlement of Accounts
6. Shipping and Forwarding
7. Banking and Payments in Foreign Trade
8. Insurance
9. Complaints and Replies to Complaints

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Business English на досуге. Учебное пособие по деловому английскому языку

Автор(ы): Петроченков Александр Васильевич   Издательство: Добрая книга, 2007 г.  Серия: Английский с А.Петроченковым

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Настоящее учебное пособие называется "Business English на досуге", хотя, благодаря обилию шуток, афоризмов, анекдотов, кроссвордов и неизменному юмору буквально на каждой странице, его вполне можно было озаглавить "Забавный Business English на досуге". Это учебное пособие предназначено для обучения деловому английскому языку не только будущих менеджеров и бизнесменов, но и всех желающих, в том числе и тех, кто просто хочел бы в непринужденной обстановке обогатить свои знания английского языка. Бумага офсетная.

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Comprising three course books, this series is aimed at university students in all disciplines who require instruction in completing academic writing tasks. Through extensive use of examples, model texts, and practical activities, the course develops the essential skills needed to compose texts which meet the expectations of an academic reader. Academic Writing Skills 3 addresses higher-level academic features, such as understanding essay prompts, research, paragraph cohesion, logical connections, and effective sentence building. It is appropriate for students wishing to focus on specific essay types that require the use and integration of sources to complete academic writing tasks. Academic Writing Skills 3 Teacher's Manual has two parts: Part 1: Lesson plans for each part of each unit Part 2: The answer key to the exercises

Collins Russian Dictionary

  Издательство: Collins Exclusive, 2015 г.

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Features include: - All the latest words in both languages, such as downloadable, Wi-Fi, carbon footprint, podcast - User-friendly business language supplement - Useful tables of nouns, verbs, pronouns and numerals - New clear layout - Helpful examples and cultural notes - Special treatment of difficult words The Collins Gem Russian Dictionary has been designed to give travellers, students, business people and the general user alike all the information they need in a handy, take-anywhere format. Includes all the latest words reflecting changes in modern lifestyle, as well as all the features you would expect from a Collins dictionary: an easy-to-read layout, special treatment of difficult words such as can, that, of, some, and notes about life in Russia. Also in this dictionary is a handy business language supplement, ensuring you have all the up-to-date business vocabulary you need at your fingertips. Also available in the Collins Russian dictionary range are Collins Pocket Russian Dictionary and Collins Russian Dictionary. 4th Edition.

Cambridge Alphabet Book

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The Cambridge Alphabet Book is a workbook for teaching English handwriting to young children. The writing course includes the following features: - The capital and small forms of each letter of the alphabet are practised separately at first, and then in words so that children are learning to write in logical stages. - Discrimination and matching exercises, as well as crossword puzzles, which help to maintain motivation. - Plenty of opportunities for writing practice. - Engaging pictures for children to colour in.


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