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Interpreting matters - Hambrook J., Lonergan J.

Interpreting matters - Hambrook J., Lonergan J.

Название: Interpreting matters.

Автор: Hambrook J., Lonergan J.


   Interpreting Matters is intended for public service interpreters, especially those involved in legal proceedings, and for trainers of interpreters in this field.The course materials consist of a 30-minute video and this accompanying book.

The video is based on two case studies and illustrates some of the issues which arise in court interpreting. The setting is an immigration appeals courtroom in the United Kingdom and there are extracts from two appeals against Home Office refusals to grant political asylum. Each extract is followed by a review of points arising from the interpreter's role in the appeal proceedings. The video ends with a summary of these points and an interview with the court adjudicator, who gives his own view of the interpreter's role.
This book provides study material for each video extract and extends the scope of the case studies in the video to other areas of legal and public service interpreting. Each study chapter is supported by the relevant video script, and a key with explicit or suggested answers to comprehension and discussion questions.
Reference points of interest to public service interpreters are included in a series of useful appendices.

CHAPTER I        Introduction.
CHAPTER 2       Dealing with Evidence
Case Study I Part 1.
CHAPTER 3       Culture and Conduct
Case Study I Part 2
CHAPTER 4      Interacting with the Client
Case Study 2 Part I
CHAPTER 5       Dealing with Problems
Case Study 2 Part I
CHAPTER 5       Dealing with Problems
Case Study 2 Part2
Summary of Learning Points.
CHAPTER 6       The Adjudicators View.
Appendix!           Complete Video Script
Appendix2            Interpreter's Code of Conduct.
Oath and Affirmation
Information and further reading

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