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New Cutting Edge. Elementary. Workbook with key.

New Cutting Edge. Elementary. Workbook with key.

Название: New Cutting Edge. Elementary. Workbook with key.

   Opportunities is a new five-level course for teenagers. Modules of topic-based units provide rich, contemporary content based on a wide variety of informative themes. With a discovery approach to grammar and an upfront focus on vocabulary, Opportunities ensures the most effective language learning for students. - Grammar Focus lessons guide students through the language and give thorough grammar practice. - Skills Focus lessons and Communication Workshops provide a solid skills base. - Learning Strategies throughout teach students how to become independent learners. - Culture Corners give students a taste of life in the English speaking world. - Regular use of the FREE Mini-Dictionary extends students' vocabulary further. - Graded activities in the Language PowerBooks provide practice for students of mixed levels.

Negative sentences
Make the sentences negative.
a Edinburgh is in England.
b I'm from Ireland.
с My mother and father are English.
d Brazil is a small country.
e My name is Lana.
f My sister is married.
g I'm fifteen years old.
h Philip and Elizabeth are on holiday.
In the paragraph below, 's is missing nine times. Write 's in the correct places.
My friend Steve got a fantastic life. He only 21. but he got a great job - he a professionol footballer - and he got lots of money. He got a new car, too - it a Porsche. It white and it got everything, even a CD player!

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Cutting Edge. Pre-Intermediate: Workbook with key

Автор(ы): Moor Peter   Издательство: Pearson, 2007 г.

Цена: 1400 руб.   Купить

Курс английского языка для взрослых (6 уровней: от начинающего до уровня компетентного пользователя) Компоненты: Student's book - учебник с мини-словарем Workbook - рабочая тетрадь с ответами Class cassette - кассета для работы в классе Издание полностью на английском языке. Все элементы комплекта продаются отдельно.

Language Practice : Elementary : English Grammar and Vocabulary : 3rd Edition : With key (+CD)

Автор(ы): Vince Michael   Издательство: Macmillan, 2010 г.

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Издание полностью на английском языке. Elementary Language Practice is the reference and practice book for students at elementary / A2 level. Now in full colour, this new edition retains all the original futures which make the Language Practice series so popular, including clear grammar explanations, plenty of practice and regular review units. Themed vocabulary units contextualize essential elementary level words and phrases, offering a variety of exercise types to help students understand and use the new vocabulary. The accompanying CD-ROM includes extra practice for all the units covered in the book, with exercises based on international computer-based test types. The test generator includes 1,000 items to test students on all areas covered by the book. Ideal for students preparing to take elementary level examinations, it can be used both in the classroom and for self-study.

I'm Ready for Maths. Times Tables sticker workbook

Автор(ы): Kerwin Jennie, Merttens Hilda, Merttens Ruth   Издательство: Ladybird, 2015 г.

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Times Tables a is a bright, motivating sticker workbook that is part of Ladybird's I'm Ready for Maths series. Written by experienced maths teachers, it covers all of the essential times tables from 2-10, in the order that young school children will be learning them in Key Stage 1, and gives plenty of practice in each of them. The mix of stickers and activities help to reinforce learning in a fun way, and there are helpful parent notes on every page.

Complete First. Workbook with answers (+CD)

Автор(ы): Thomas Barbara, Thomas Amanda   Издательство: Cambridge, 2014 г.

Цена: 1266 руб.   Купить

Complete First Second edition is an official preparation course for Cambridge English: First, also known as First Certificate in English (FCE). It combines the very best in contemporary classroom practice with first-hand knowledge of the challenges students face. The information, practice and advice contained in the course ensure that they are fully prepared for all parts of the test, with strategies and skills to maximise their score. Informed by Cambridge's unique searchable database of real exam candidates' answer papers, the Cambridge English Corpus, Complete First Second edition trains students to avoid common exam mistakes, guaranteeing teachers and students the most authoritative preparation for Cambridge English: First. Complete First Second edition Workbook with answers features: - topic-based units for homework which cover reading, writing and listening skills - further practice in the grammar and vocabulary taught in the Student's Book - an Audio CD containing all the listening material for the Workbook - answer key and recording scripts. 2nd Edition.


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