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New Headway - Beginner - Liz and John Soars

New Headway - Beginner - Liz and John Soars

Название: New Headway - Beginner - Liz and John Soars. 2002.

    New Headway Beginner is a foundation course for adult and young adult absolute beginners. It is also suitable for Students who have already learned a little English, perhaps some years ago, but who don't yet feel confident enough to move on. They want to go back before they move forward.
New language is introduced gradually and methodically, in measured amounts, and in a logical order. Vocabulary has been selected carefully to avoid overloading. There are many controlled practice activities which aim to give beginners the confidence to proceed, but there is also some simple skills work, which incorporates manageable communicative activities appropriate for the low level. In the Everyday English section, we deal with social and functional language, and survival skills.

Organization of the course
The organization of New Headway Beginner is similar to New Headway Elementary and New Headway Pre-Intermediate. Each unit has these components:
-Presentation of new language
-Skills work - always speaking, combined with reading and/or listening and/or writing
-Everyday English
The Starter section is designed to be a warmer to the lesson and has a direct link with the unit to come. This link might be topical or grammatical, or it might revise input from a previous unit.

New language items are presented through texts, mainly dialogues, which students can read and listen to at the same time. This enables students to relate the spelling to the sounds of English, and helps with pronunciation, as well as form and use. Sometimes there are two presentation sections. This is to break up what would otherwise be loo large a 'chunk' of new language.

The main verb forms taught are:
-to be
-Present Simple
-(here is/are
-Fast Simple
-I'd like
-Present Continuous for now and future
We have chosen not to teach have got, for two reasons. Firstly, its Present Perfect form (Have+ the past participle) is confusing as have got refers to the present, not the past; secondly, have with its do/does/did forms is perfectly acceptable. This pattern has the advantage of fitting in with all the other verbs that students are learning.
There are Grammar Spots in the presentation sections. These aim to focus students' attention on the language of the unit. There are questions to answer, charts to complete, and short exercises. The Grammar Spot ends by cueing a section of the Grammar Reference at the back of the book.

This section contains a variety of controlled and freer practice exercises. The primary skills used are speaking and listening, but there is also some reading and writing.
There are information gap exercises, mingle activities» information transfer listening exercises, questionnaires, and a lot of personalized activities. There are exercises where the aim is overt analysis of the grammar, such as Check it.

There is a strong lexical syllabus in New Headway Beginner. The vocabulary is carefully graded and recycled throughout, so that students don't suffer from overloading. Lexical sets are selected according to two criteria. They complement the grammatical input, for example, daily activities with the Present Simple; or members of the family with apostrophe 5. However, they are mainly chosen for their usefulness. Low-level students need to know the words of evervdav life - food, sports, numbers, dates, travel, time, jobs, describing people and places, shopping, sightseeing, saving how you feel.

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