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Oxford Guide to English Grammar - John Eastwood

Oxford Guide to English Grammar - John Eastwood

Название: Oxford Guide to English Grammar.

Автор: John Eastwood.


The Oxford Guide to English Grammar is a systematic account of grammatical forms and the way they are used in standard British English today. The emphasis is on meanings and how they govern the choice of grammatical pattern.

The book is thorough in its coverage but pays most attention to points that are of importance to intermediate and advanced learners of English, and to their teachers. It will be found equally suitable for quick reference to details and for the more leisured study of broad grammar topics.

A useful feature of the book is the inclusion of example texts and conversations, many of them authentic, to show how grammar is used in connected writing and in speech.

Language changes all the time. Even though grammar changes more slowly than
vocabulary, it is not a set of unalterable rules. There are sometimes disagreements
about what is correct English and what is incorrect. 'Incorrect' grammar is often
used in informal speech. Does that make it acceptable? Where there is a difference
between common usage and opinions about correctness, I have pointed this out.
This information is important for learners. In some situations it may be safer for
them to use the form which is traditionally seen as correct. The use of a correct
form in an unsuitable context, however, can interfere with understanding just as
much as a mistake. To help learners to use language which is appropriate for a
given occasion, I have frequently marked usages as formal, informal, literary
and so on.

Introduction VII
Acknowledgements VIII
Key to symbols IX
Sentence and text
1 English grammar 1
2 The simple sentence 6
3 Statements, questions, imperatives and exclamations 15
4 Questions and answers 25
5 Leaving out and replacing words 42
6 Information and emphasis 52
7 Spoken English and written English 64
Verb forms
8 The verb phrase 75
9 Verb tenses and aspects 82
10 The future 95
11 Be, have and do 104
12 Modal verbs 113
13 The passive 130
Infinitive, gerund and participles
14 The infinitive 144
15 The gerund 159
16 Participles 167
The noun phrase
17 Nouns and noun phrases 175
18 Agreement 191
19 The articles: a/an and the 198
20 Possessives and demonstratives 213
21 Quantifiers 219
22 Pronouns 233
23 Numbers and measurements 245
Adjectives, adverbs and prepositions
24 Adjectives 251
25 Adverbials 260
26 Comparison 278
27 Prepositions 286
28 Phrasal verbs and patterns with prepositions 302
Main clauses and sub clauses
29 Sentences with more than one clause 317
30 And, or, but, so etc 323
31 Adverbial clauses 327
32 Conditional clauses 333
33 Noun clauses 341
34 Direct and indirect speech 346
35 Relative clauses 356
Word forms
36 Word-building 367
37 Word endings: pronunciation and spelling 376
38 Irregular noun plurals 380
39 Irregular verb forms 382
40 American English 389
Glossary 397
Index 404

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