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Reading Extra - Liz Driscoll

Reading Extra - Liz Driscoll

Название: Reading Extra.

Автор: Liz Driscoll.


This book uses many authentic sources such as factual texts, newspaper articles, features and TV schedules, instruction manuals, everyday signs, stories, quizzes, emails and diary entries. Students are encouraged to read material on different levels and in different ways, such as reading for gist, scanning, skimming, comprehension, analysing structure, summarising and shadow reading.

1 Personal Information:
1.1 Write around the world ;1.2 The numbers game;1.3 Famous last words ;
2 The family:
2.1 Longest married couple celebrate 77 years of marriage; 2.2 What's the best age to get married?; 2.3 Is that fur comment?;
3 Daily activities:
3.1 Where did I see you?;3.2 Men who cook; 3.3 Lurking inside the post box: snail mail;
4 Homes :
4.1 Room to let; 4.2 How do you explain that? ; 4.3 Hi- tech homes;
5 Town and country:
5.1 What does the sign say?;5.2 Where would you rather live?;5.3 Animal city dwellers ;
6 Travel and tourism:
6.1 Look behind you;6.2 Keeping in touch; 6.3 How stupid can you be?;
7 Food and drink:
7.1 Putting your eating habits to the test;7.2 It's not what you eat and drink... it's what you say; 7.3 How to diet;
8 Describing people:
8.1 How do I look?;8.2 His or hers?;8.3 What do men really think of cosmetic surgery?;
9 Describing things:
9.1 Don't go without your minder;9.2 Don't forget to pack... ;9.3 Can't live without bananas;
10 Friends and relationships:
10.1 What is a friend?; 10.2 How to make new friends;10.3 Fiancee loses her ring in Easter egg swap;
11 Health and fitness:
11.1 Daily wake-up and warm-up;11.2 What shall I do, Doc? ;11.3 'Insane' daredevil skis down everest ;
12 Leisure time:
12.1 A life of leisure; 12.2 The national museum of photograph, film and television; 12.3 Adrenalin capital of the world;
13 Education:
13.1 Cambridge English Readers;13.2 Best day, worst day; 13.3 Bacon, ham and eggs;
14 The world of work:
14.1 Start your own business;14.2 It's a risky business; 14.3 Work, sweet work;
15 Money:
15.1 You know you're a shopaholic when... ; 15.2 The best and the worst... present; 15.3 My husband- can't spend, won't spend;
16 Past experiences and stories:
16.1 James Cook, British navigator; 16.2 Home and dry ;16.3 The Frog Prince- in the 21st century;
17 Science and technology:
17.1 The last man on the moon ; 17.2 Flame and fortune;17.3 Idiotic inventions...and products we could live without;
18 Social and environmental issues:
18.1 How much do you know about...earthquakes?; 18.2 Mummy, Oh Mummy; 18.3 Guilty

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