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Sounds English - A Pronunciation Practice Course - O’Connor J.D., Fletcher C.

Sounds English - A Pronunciation Practice Course - O’Connor J.D., Fletcher C.

Название: Sounds English - A Pronunciation Practice Course.

Автор: O’Connor J.D., Fletcher C.


Курс по произношению для студентов уровня intermediate.
In this pronunciation course for intermediate students of English, each unit provides intensive practice in stress and intonation of particular sound contrasts. Designed for students working alone as well as for classroom use it provides an intonation list and language chart to help students work out their particular area of difficulty and plan their programme. The book aims to integrate the practice of intonation patterns with sounds and to use realistic texts and conversations for the practice material. A spelling box in each unit shows how the sounds can be spelled and a key to the listening tasks is included at the back of the book.

This book provides practice in hearing and saying the sounds of English. If you want to have a good pronunciation of English, you need to be able to make all the sound contrasts used in English. You must be able to distinguish 'light' from 'right', 'fit' from 'feet', 'right' from 'ride', etc, both in listening and speaking. The number of contrasts is different in different languages; some English sounds will be similar to those in your language, but some will be different.
The first thing you must do is to decide which of the English contrasts are difficult for you and which are easy. К you already know this, use the Sound list on page 14. This has a list of all the English sounds, each one with a phonetic symbol and a key word. (Don't be afraid of the phonetic symbols; they are used because some different sounds have the same spelling, e.g. 'thin' and 'this begin with different .sounds but have the same 'th' spelling, so we use the phonetic symbols /9/ and /d/ to show that there is a difference.) Against each sound you will find the number of all the units in which it is practised. If you know, for example, that the /0/ sound in 'thin' is difficult for you, you can easily find the pages which will help you.
If you are not sure which English contrasts you need to practise, look at the Language chart on pages 15-17. This will tell you, for various languages, which contrasts are difficult, and the units and tasks in the book which will help with these contrasts.
By using the Sound list and Language chart, plan a pronunciation programme for yourself. You should study the Introductory Unit first because it shows you how the other units are organised. After that, begin with any of the units you have chosen for your programme.

Introduction for independent students 3
Introduction for teachers 6
Sound list - showing which units provide practice in each sound 14
Language chart - showing relevant units and tasks for speakers of 15
particular languages
Intonation list - showing the intonation patterns practised, and the 18
units and tasks in which they appear
1 Introductory Unit: /i/ if /e/ egg 22
2 /s/ so Ц/ shop -28
3 Щ shop /tj/ chin 31
4 I ill chin /dz/ judge /3/ pleasure 34
5 /j/ yes /d3/ judge 37
6 /s/so /z/ zoo 40
7 /h/ hand 43
8 /p/ pen /b/ bad 46
9 /t/ tea /d/ did 49
10 /k/ cat /g/ get 52
11 /1/ leg IT I ring 55
12 /1/ leg /n/ no /r/ ring 58
13 /v/ voice /f/ five /p/ pen 61
14 / b / bad / v / voice / w / wet 64
15 / n / no, pin / n / thing / m / me, thumb 67
16 /9/ thin /s/ so /6/ this /z/ zoo 70
17 /0/ thin /t/ tea /5/ this /d/ did 73
18 /0/ thin /f/ fine /6/ this /v/ voice 76
19 Consonant clusters 1-beginning of words 79
20 Consonant clusters 2 - end and middle of words 82
21 Linking of words 85
22 /э/ a(gain) 88
23 /i:/ see /1/ if 91
24 /x/ hand /e/ egg 94
25 /л/ up /ae/ hand 97
26 /o/ hot /o:/ saw 100
27 /эи/ home /0:/ saw 103
28 /u:/ food /u/ put 106
29 /з:/ bird /a:/ car 109
30 /ei/ page /e/ egg 112
31 / еэ / there / ю / near 115
32 / ai / five / oi / boy / au / now 118
Key to listening and other exercises 121

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