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Writing Extra - Graham Palmer

Writing Extra - Graham Palmer

Название: Writing Extra.

Автор: Graham Palmer.


Students are led step-by-step to a definite written outcome through a range of motivating activities such as role plays, discussions, games and text analysis. Each activity provides a meaningful context for real-world writing tasks such as writing e-mails, reports, letters, CVs and diaries. The book encourages students to look at the process of writing, thus developing their awareness of structure, content and their target audience.

Unit 1 Personal information:
1.1 Pickpocket!;1.2 Who's who; 1.3 Jobsearch;
Unit 2 The family:
2.1 Dinner's in the oven; 2.2 Trouble with the in-laws; 2.3 Family matters;
Unit 3 Daily activities:
3.1 Nothing happened today; 3.2 Prison: doing time...; 3.3 Murder mystery;
Unit 4 Homes:
4.1 Designer kitchen; 4.2 Holiday house-swap; 4.3 The student house;
Unit 5 Town and country:
5.1 Get lost!; 5.2 The news on the street; 5.3 The big move;
Unit 6 Travel and tourism:
6.1 Wish you were here; 6.2 Paradise tours; 6.3 FAQs: frequently asked questions;
Unit 7 Food and drink:
7.1 A lovely meal;7.2 The greasy spoon; 7.3 Black or white?;
Unit 8 Describing people:
8.1 Virtually friends; 8.2 Business contacts; 8.3 A different shape of hands;
Unit 9 Describing things:
9.1 Internet bargains; 9.2 It's a whatsit; 9.3 Dream limo;
Unit 10 Friends and relationships:
10.1 Dear John; 10.2 Soap opera; 10.3 Who gets the children?;
Unit 11 Health and fitness:
11.1 More gain, less pain; 11.2 First aid; 11.3 The donor campaign;
Unit 12 Leisure time:
12.1 Leisure for all; 12.2 I win!; 12.3 A really good read;
Unit 13 Education:
13.1 A likely excuse; 13.2 Writing Class; 13.3 Cyberstudy;
Unit 14 The world of work:
14.1 Trouble with telesales;14.2 What do you do?;14.3 Mr Don't Know;
Unit 15 Money:
15.1 Credit cards; 15.2 Shopping by post; 15.3 Can't pay; won't pay;
Unit 16 Past experiences and stories:
16.1 One thing led to another; 16.2 The six friends; 16.3 The storyteller;
Unit 17 Science and technology:
17.1 Short circuit; 17.2 It's amazing; 17.3 www.worldwideweb?;
Unit 18 Social and environmental issues:
18.1 Planning problems; 18.2 Campaign, not complain; 18.3 Water: a clear solution

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