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ДПА 2016, Англійська мова, 11 клас, Контрольні роботи, ЗО варіантів, Марченко А., Лесишин Н.

ДПА 2016, Англійська мова, 11 клас, Контрольні роботи, ЗО варіантів, Марченко А., Лесишин Н.

ДПА 2016, Англійська мова, 11 клас, Контрольні роботи, ЗО варіантів, Марченко А., Лесишин Н.

   У посібнику подано 30 варіантів контрольних робіт з англійської мови для підготовки до проведення ДПА в 11-му класі. Кожна робота складається з п’яти частин та передбачає контроль усіх видів мовленнєвої діяльності учнів (аудіювання, читання, письма і говоріння).
Для учнів 11-го класу та вчителів англійської мови.

Read the text and mark the correct variant (A-D) to complete the sentences (1 -6) as in the example.

The Duffys had been flying their two-seater plane over the Amazon when they started having engine trouble. They soon realised the plane was going to crash and had no choice but to try to parachute to safety. They prepared themselves and jumped. The wind was gusting and Fay Duffy’s parachute quickly drifted away from her husband’s. Clive hoped they would both land safely and find each other on the ground, but even that was uncertain as they were heading for the thick trees of the jungle.

Clive’s parachute got caught in a tree. He managed to free himself and jump to the ground, but he couldn’t see where Fay had landed. He began calling her name as he walked towards where he thought she might be, but the jungle became so thick that he couldn’t go on.

He heard tree branches snapping close by and he realised someone was walking towards him. He called Fay’s name again, but there was no answer. He stood perfectly still, aware that someone was watching him, but he couldn’t see who it was. Then he saw them coming out from behind the trees. A group of tribesmen wearing hardly any clothes and carrying long wooden spears came towards him. They spoke in a language Clive couldn’t understand, but he assumed they were talking about him.

The tribesmen surrounded Clive and pushed him forward. He started to run. As they were obviously used to moving through the jungle, they quickly caught up with him and steered him towards an area where it was easier to walk.

Clive couldn’t understand where they were leading him. He wasn’t frightened, but he did feel lost, hot and tired. Just when he thought there was no way out, he saw Fay’s parachute hanging from some nearby trees.

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Правила по математике. Для начальной школы

Автор(ы): Марченко И. С., Марченко Ирина Степановна   Издательство: Эксмо-Пресс, 2013 г.  Серия: Светлячок

Цена: 67 руб.   Купить

Справочное пособие предназначено для учащихся начальных классов и подготовлено в соответствие с требованиями школьной программы. В нем наиболее полно представлены все математические темы, рассматриваемые в 1-4 классах: натуральные числа, законы сложения и умножения, свойства деления, признаки делимости, простейшие уравнения, виды задач и т. д. Справочник окажет неоценимую помощь школьникам при подготовке к уроку и выполнении домашних заданий, а также родителям и педагогам при контроле знаний учащихся.


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